1 – 18 May 2018
Exhibition Closing Event: Wednesday 16 May, 5–7pm
Location: Phyllis Palmer Gallery, La Trobe University, 3552

Phyllis Palmer Gallery, La Trobe University presents Intercalibration, an exhibition of solo works by emerging artist and Visual Arts Honours student Jessica Murtagh and works from her ongoing collaborative project with local multi-disciplinary artist and musician Pete Byrne. 

Unlike traditional exhibitions, Murtagh’s project will use the gallery as a production space; a way to experiment and test ideas on a large scale. Intercalibration will continuously evolve throughout the exhibiting period with the artists offering an experience and insight into the production of art-making. Both artists invite viewers to encounter this process by visiting the gallery during the exhibition, as works continue to appear, evolve and sometimes disappear. 

The closing event on the 16th May will be a celebration of what has been created and also an opportunity for audiences to watch a public performance by Murtagh. 

Jessica Murtagh is a Bendigo-based artist. Her solo practice investigates expanded printmaking, as well as installation, video and performance. She challenges the accepted categories of art by using technology to expand and contextualize printmaking’s definition, analyzing the relationship between mark making and the networks of the artwork’s process.  

“I use tools like an iron to make marks on thermal paper, it’s just a very immediate form of printmaking. As soon as the heat touches the paper it turns black, and makes these really interesting transfers. I think it’s exciting to explore outside traditional printmaking, like etching or woodcuts”, says Murtagh. 
Pete Byrne’s solo practice investigates the body and mind, exploring these themes through enigmatic film photography, as well as printmaking, and bold colourful paintings with stylized figures. 
Together the two artists map and piece together what it means to collaborate and the dynamics of production. They respond to themes of reproduction and degradation, all while creating large scale multi-media works. 

Iron Piece performance
Performers: Jessica Murtagh
Date: 16 May 2018
Time: Wednesday 5 - 5:30pm
Venue: Phyllis Palmer Gallery, Creative Arts building, La Trobe University, Bendigo
Free: You are welcome to enter and leave at any time during the performance